Posted by: will | February 18, 2008

Music Review – Malegoat


Malegoat “Plan Infiltration” (Self-Released)


Hell yes! You know, the Japanese are already better than us Americans at just about everything anyways. Could it be they have conquered emo as well? Tokyo, Japan’s Malegoat have that twinkly emo/punk sound down to a tee. The band echoes the greats like Cap n’ Jazz and Braid. Much like Cap n’ Jazz could turn chaos into beauty, Malegoat teeter on that razor edge masterfully. The band can go back and forth between melancholy instrumentals to songs filled with throaty screams and jagged instrumentation. Plan Infiltration is equally on par with contemporaries like Algernon Cadwallader and Street Smart Cyclist and that is high praise. Malegoat provide an exhilarating listen for fans of this style and the band is certainly one to watch closely in the future.

Genre: Indie/Punk/Emo

RIYL: Cap n’ Jazz, Braid, Algernon Cadwallader

Resistance Activity of Brain



  1. Hehehe. I like how this is basically those bands with Japanese vocals.

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