Posted by: will | February 15, 2008

Music Review – The Daylight Hours

The Daylight Hours “How To Make A Mess Of Things” (Self-Released)


The Daylight Hours is the musical vehicle for one David Adedokun. David has been a fixture in the Columbia, SC music scene going all the way back to his days in emo outfit Courage Riley. How To Make A Mess Of Things shows off a wealth of maturity as Adedokun has meticulously crafted these songs over the last few years. With the help of a host of Columbia musicians, Adedokun finally brings his honest work to fruition.

Adedokun has a magical way of drawing the listener into his songs. His lyrics are clever and incredibly descriptive. He weaves his stories masterfully and wraps them in a well-worn sentimentality. Never coming off as cheesy, there is a living heart and soul to the songs that make up How To Make A Mess Of Things. Adedokun’s gorgeous vocals carefully carry these stories of life and love gone awry. Instrumentally, the album is wonderfully nuanced with warm arrangements. The songs are well-constructed and provide the perfect atmosphere for Adedokun’s thoughtful, endearing lyrics.

How To Make A Mess Of Things breathes life into the often stale singer/songwriter genre. Adedokun might be written off as a hopeless heart-on-sleeve romantic but somehow that seems beside the point here. How To Make A Mess Of Things is a testament to the resolve and talent of Adedokun and The Daylight Hours.

Genre: Indie/Singer/Songwriter

RIYL: Owen, Elliott Smith, Onelinedrawing

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