Posted by: will | February 13, 2008

Vinyl Corner – Shorebirds


Shorebirds “Shorebirds” 7-Inch EP (Self-Released)


Shorebirds have very quietly burst onto the punk scene. That is amazing considering the pedigree of Shorebirds two main members. Chris Bauermeister played in a little pop/punk band called Jawbreaker. Maybe you have heard of them!? And Matt Canino is formerly of the late and great Latterman. After Latterman’s break-up Canino moved across the country to Olympia, WA. This is where Shorebirds began to take shape. Picking up very closely to where Latterman sadly left off, Shorebirds play poppy, gruff punk rock. Canino handles the lion’s share of the vocals here which definitely gives Shorebirds a Latterman flavor. Lyrically is where Shorebirds start to differentiate themselves from their past. Latterman were certainly never afraid to speak their mind about important issues facing the punk scene. As their popularity grew, Latterman and Canino began to feel a certain disconnect. That shows here as Shorebirds choose to revel in the personal rather than the political. It’s a retreat in some ways but perhaps a form of therapy for Canino as well. Either way, Latterman and Jawbreaker fans should rejoice. Shorebirds are a sweet breath of fresh air to these jaded ears.

DIY old school…Shorebirds have no website, myspace, etc. To order this record, send four dollars to:

315 Steele St. NE
Olympia, WA

Genre: Punk/Rock

RIYL: Latterman, Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four

People I Live With



  1. Yeah Shorebirds….boo vinyl.

  2. Yeah I said it Will!
    Boo vinyl!! I don’t care how many punk points I lose. I hate it! I’ll say it right in Steve Albini’s condescending little face.

  3. dumbass

  4. Oh and that Tellison album kicks total ass!

  5. +10 punk points for going against the grain?

  6. Uh… the part that starts off, “can’t live with the people I live with” is that Chris? Who does the lead vocals?

  7. Yeah, that’s Chris on that part…bout the only thing he sings I think.

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