Posted by: will | February 10, 2008

Music Review – The Pyongyang Metro

The Pyongyang Metro “Tower Of White Tigers” (Arsenic Records)


Brevity is an underrated aspect of music sometimes. The Pyongyang Metro agree. Tower of White Tigers clocks in at 13 songs in 16 minutes. With members who have played in bands like Off With Their Heads, Rivethead and Banner Pilot, it’s certainly no surprise the quality here. Obviously being from Minneapolis, the Dillinger Four comparisons will be numerous. However, I was immediately reminded of FYP when listening. The Pyongyang Metro seem to be shooting for that band’s brand of sloppy, yet melodic pop punk rock. Sometimes they hit right on target, sometimes they miss. The band are just getting their feet wet and it certainly shows on their debut. Tower of White Tigers is a promising effort though and The Pyongyang Metro are a band to keep an eye on. Two extra punk points for name dropping the Young Pioneers in the promo sheet. Well done.

Genre: Pop/Punk/Rock

RIYL: Dillinger Four, FYP, Scared Of Chaka


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