Posted by: will | February 8, 2008

Vinyl Corner – The Catalyst


The Catalyst “Marianas Trench” 12-Inch EP (The Perpetual Motion Machine)


If you like your rock thick, dirty and noisy then The Catalyst should be able to give you exactly what you need. The Richmond-based rock band pack about everything they can muster into the four songs that make up Marianas Trench. The band’s own description of “stoner-noise-grunge hardcore” is surprisingly accurate. Practicing an almost refined sloppiness, the band attacks the listener. On the EP opener, the humorously titled “This Bike Is A Gravity Bong,” the band shows just how dynamic they can be as they dangerously flaunt with hints of melody. Admittedly, I am new to the band but the 7 minute instrumental, “Proceed With Caution,” sounds beautifully out of place. Feedback be damned, the song shows a trace of humanity in the band’s sonic mayhem. That is until the appropriately titled “Attention Deficit Distortion” kicks you back to the floor. Unleashing a heavy cacophony of noisy sound, The Catalyst’s brand of stick-to-your-guts rock is one that simply can not be denied.

Genre: Hardcore/Noise/Rock

RIYL: The Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Unwound

This Bike Is A Gravity Bong


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