Posted by: will | February 7, 2008

Music Review – The Kindness Kind

The Kindness Kind “A Novel” (Self-Released)


Fairly or unfairly, when a female sings for a band she usually becomes that noticeable lead presence. Perhaps that is why The Kindness Kind is so refreshing. Vocalist Alessandra Rose’s vocals are gorgeous but they never overpower or relegate the music to the background. A Novel is so expertly crafted and Rose’s vocals only work to enhance these songs. The band creates a beautiful ambiance that swirls around Rose and the two work in tandem to compliment and push each other towards a greater height. None of this is meant to imply that Rose’s vocals are anything less than impressive though. On tracks like “Timeless” Rose shows off her remarkable versatility. She brings to mind the grandeur of Cat Power one minute and the strength of Maura Davis (Denali) the next. Instrumentally, The Kindness Kind are rich and intricate. The guitar work at times recalls early Radiohead. There is a definite pop sensibility that the band adds ever so slightly and a shoegazing influence that is certainly noticeable. The Kindness Kind dip in and out of electronics with a keen sense of awareness. The band has successfully mastered the art of mood and dynamics very early in their career. A Novel is as meticulously impressive an album as I have heard in a long, long time.

Ringing a familiar tone to Awake And Alert who I reviewed late last year, Seattle’s The Kindness Kind are another supremely talented female-fronted rock outfit. The parallels of the two bands is certainly striking. Both have released debut albums that sound well beyond their relative age. The Kindness Kind may be a step ahead though as A Novel is a testament to a band hitting a youthful, yet masterful stride.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Shoegaze

RIYL: Denali, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead

Quiet Words Are Quiet Words


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