Posted by: will | February 4, 2008

Music Review – Gray Young


Gray Young “Kindle Field” (Self-Released)

Gray Young hail from Raleigh, NC and play a curious mixture of moody indie rock. In this day in age where everyone feels the need to classify music (including myself sadly), it is nice to hear a band like Gray Young who defy that ability. No offense to the band cause I am nothing but impressed by them. However, Gray Young’s sound is not that unique. Yet, the band resists being pigeonholed at every twist and turn. Kindle Field contains six songs that run the gamut of atmospheric indie rock. From ambient instrumentals to melody-fueled anthems, Gray Young cover all the bases here. I can not help but think “A Weighted Lull” sounds like the most atmospheric song that Bloc Party forgot to write. Then the band moves on to instrumental tracks that recall post-rock bands like Explosions In The Sky or emo/post-rock behemoths like The Appleseed Cast. The closer “Tilling The Wind” sounds like Doves gone epic. Their is subtle grandeur to these songs and whatever you want to call them, Gray Young seem perfectly fine with it. The band has successfully shed all labels and seem completely comfortable within their own skin.

Genre: Instrumental/Indie/Rock

RIYL: Doves, The Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky

Tilling The Wind



  1. Very sweet, indeed.

    “Doves gone epic” — aptly stated.

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