Posted by: will | January 30, 2008

Band You Should Know – Juhu Beach

juhubeach.jpg Sometimes bands slip through the cracks here at SAL headquarters. I remember getting Juhu Beach‘s 2007 EP, Scenes of Abandoned Industry, a while back but for some reason the disc never resonated with me. That is up until the last month or so when I gave it a few more spins. The Seattle band plays an infectious blend of indie rock and angular punk. I find it stunning that the band’s press release does not mention Les Savy Fav (one more reason to throw the press sheets in the trash I guess). That is the band I keep coming back to when listening to Juhu Beach. The band has that same remarkable diversity. They can slap you with some sassy punk rock and then sing you to sleep with cunning melodies. There are also elements of Dischord punk as well as Chapel Hill-influenced indie rock like Archers Of Loaf. Juhu Beach are certainly pulling from all the right places here. So, please accept my apologies boys. There’s simply no excuse for me sleeping on something this good for so long.

Empty Coil



  1. they probably didn’t mention LSF because they ARE LSF.

  2. great band! these guys are soooooo good live.

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