Posted by: will | January 29, 2008

Musings – Into It. Over It.

intoitoverit.jpg Sometimes I come across a musician doing something so unique that I just have to write about it (doesn’t happen often enough actually). Evan Weiss of The Progress, who has also played in Up Up Down Down and It’s A King Thing has undertaken a massive project. Into It. Over It. is that experiment. In his own words, Weiss says “On Thursday, September 27th 2007, I turned 23. I’ve noticed that my last few years have gone by rather quickly. To combat (or encourage..?) this movement in my life, I have been writing and recording one song every week of my 23rd year. That’s roughly 52 songs.” More details here.

Well, Weiss is 18 weeks in and has 18 songs to show for it. All available as free downloads on his site here. And the results are surprisingly strong. Week 18’s song “Sebadon’t” is posted below. Check it out.




  1. wow. very nice. i wore my UP UP t-shirt — that i won on this site — today. good work weiss.

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