Posted by: will | January 25, 2008

Music Review – Post Harbor


Post Harbor “Praenumbra” (Self-Released)


Much like Moving Mountains, Post Harbor straddle the line between emo and post rock with remarkable precision. Praenumbra is the band’s debut album and one that constantly reveals layer upon layer with each listen. Vocally, Anthony Carlucci recalls the emo glory days of singers like Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate or Chris Simpson of Mineral. Carlucci can carry a song if need be but it’s really never necessary here. Praenumbra is an intelligent and diverse mixture of sounds. Instrumentally, Post Harbor go beyond the ordinary. The band dabbles in electronics, keys, vibraphones and strings. All are added with great effect to accentuate Carlucci’s vocal and enhance Post Harbor’s songs. Post Harbor effortlessly flow through this album with instrumentals bridging the gap between vocal tracks. No matter what angle Post Harbor are coming from, the results are often majestic. Praenumbra never settles for one mood or one single approach. The band proves they are adept at creating atmospheres and that is exactly what they do for forty minutes. Praenumbra is such an accomplished album and one can hardly believe that this is just the band’s debut effort. Just imagine what is yet to come.

Genre: Indie/Emo/Rock

RIYL: The Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, Explosions In The Sky

The Color Red, Not The Word



  1. the first 6 seconds of this song is probably better than anything i’ve listened to on your site all week. no offense band that sounds like ISIS.

  2. i must be doing something right if you don’t like the content on the site…if you did, i think i would just shut things down. 🙂

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