Posted by: will | January 24, 2008

Music Review – One Small Step For Landmines

One Small Step For Landmines “One Small Step For Landmines” (Civil Defense League/Doghouse)


One Small Step For Landmines are a Tallahassee, Florida trio and this is their self-titled debut. OSSFL is a band that immediately caught my attention from the moment I first heard their previously released Whale EP last year. I am a sucker for any band that can take me back in time to my more youthful musical excursions. So, it was with great excitement that I listened to the band’s debut full-length.

While I would not necessarily describe OSSFL’s sound as original, it is incredibly distinct. Rhythmically songs like “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” sound like The Police or bands that really try to sound like The Police (The Exit). Other times, OSSFL’s sound is straight out of ten years ago. With an emo pop/punk crunch, OSSFL recalls early-era Get Up Kids on more than a few occasions. Then there are songs like “I Am The New Lloyd” which seemingly combine the two styles rather effortlessly. Sensitive numbers like “Don’t Go To Hell” drag the record down a bit. The band is far too talented to deal in such schmaltzy territory. What propels the album is the band’s intricate instrumental prowess. OSSFL deal in unique arrangements which tends to give them a small leg up on the competition. Sparta frontman Jim Ward makes a guest vocal appearance on the album’s first track, “I Don’t Think.” It makes sense as OSSFL’s debut comes out on Ward’s own label imprint, Civil Defense League.

Much like their Florida brethren in Mouse Fire, as solid as OSSFL’s debut is, it does come up a a little lacking at times. While the album sounds great when on it fails to leave much of a lasting mark once the final note is played. These guys have the goods but too often the album seems rather lifeless. It is a strange observation to make especially considering how instrumentally sound OSSFL are. OSSFL aren’t too far off though and this debut is one that promises much more for the future.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: The Get Up Kids, The Exit, The Police

Good Men Die Young, And I’m Not Feeling Well

I Am The New Lloyd


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