Posted by: will | January 23, 2008

Music Review – Mouse Fire

Mouse Fire “Wooden Teeth” (Lujo)


It seems as though there are a lot of great indie bands coming on the scene from Florida lately. Well, add another to the list with Lakeland’s Mouse Fire. Wooden Teeth is the band’s debut. Mouse Fire play an enticing brand of indie rock similar to a less angular Minus The Bear perhaps. The smooth vocals of Joey Bruce are backed up by a band who knows their way around the block. Instrumentally, Mouse Fire are a cut above the rest as the band is seemingly miles ahead of bands twice their age. The band’s arrangements are superb as they are quite adept at changing tempos and dynamics within their songs. Mood-wise, Wooden Teeth falls into a trap though. There is some noticeable repetition here as the band seemingly stays within their element for most of Wooden Teeth. The mood rarely changes and that hinders Wooden Teeth slightly. On future efforts, it would be helpful for the band to break out of their comfort zone a little more and push the envelope in different directions. The talent is certainly there for all to see on Wooden Teeth. What the band does with it will certainly be interesting in the coming years. For now though, Wooden Teeth is an impressive debut from a young band that has got plenty of style.

Genre: Indie/Rock

RIYL: Minus The Bear, The Dismemberment Plan, No Knife

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  1. I’ve seen Mouse Fire play twice (both times at New World Brewery here in Tampa, oddly enough) and they’re equally as impressive live.

    The first, I was one of about 25 others. It was intimate, to say the least.

    The second, I was one of about 250. Sadly, it was the same 24 others from the first time around and 225 more who came to see Matt Pond afterwards.

    At least they got the exposure.

    Lujo has quite a lineup on their hands these days…

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