Posted by: will | January 22, 2008

Music Review – Romans

Romans “All Those Wrists” (Self-Released)


While I might be fairly set in my musical ways, I can certainly take time out to recognize a band that is doing something noteworthy. Romans might not fit perfectly into my musical world but these guys are impressive to say the least. Hailing from Burlington, Vermont the guys bring to mind fellow Vermont natives, Drowningman as well as forebearers like Botch and Converge. Romans’ music is frantic and heavy. Mathcore or Metalcore, who knows anymore really? Whatever they are, Romans prove they are no one trick pony. The band shows off their versatility by drifting into more dreamy territories as well. “Tidepool” is reminiscent of the glacial movements of a band like Jesu. On “Carve Up And Give Aways,” the band easily flows into epic realms of a band like Isis. Mainly though, Romans stick to the straight ahead approach they seem to know best. The whole package here should be commended. The band has recorded, produced and pressed their own record. Aesthetically, everything looks brilliant and fits together beautifully. Well done indeed.

Genre: Hardcore/Metal/Rock

RIYL: Botch, Isis, Converge



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