Posted by: will | January 21, 2008

Music Review – History Invades

History Invades “In Vision Vanish Invisible” (Lujo/Pish Posh)


History Invades are certainly ambitious if nothing else. The band melds together the sweets sounds of sassy punk rock with a generous portion of electronics. While the results are a mixed bag of sorts, it certainly makes for an interesting and compelling listen. I find the band at their best on tracks like “The Romance of Sand and the Salts/Snakes and the Consequential Epilepsy” when they bring to mind the more experimental nature of Q And Not U. Ten songs hitting at close to an hour is a little much for any kind of music much less the hodgepodge of sounds that History Invades puts forth. That being said, if these guys can focus and streamline a little more, they just might have something brilliant in store for the future. The art by Nigel Dennis at Electric Heat is some of his best work. In Vision Vanish Invisible is yet another memorable release for Lujo Records.

Genre: Indie/Electronica/Post-Punk

RIYL: Q And Not U, Frodus, Les Savy Fav

Post Modernist Trap: The Stalkers Guide to the Universe

Intensity in Ten Cities


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