Posted by: will | January 17, 2008

Music Review – Attica! Attica!

Attica! Attica! “Dead Skin/Dried Blood” (Red Leader)


Attica! Attica! is the new project from Aaron Scott who once sang for hardcore bands Marathon and De La Hoya. A!A! is a much different beast though as Scott has spread his wings far from the trappings of the hardcore scene. Scott’s unique vocal stylings have always allowed his bands to stand above their like-minded peers. With the help of his friend and producer Chris Antal, Scott is able to reinvent himself completely with this new project. Gone are the fast-paced, melodic hardcore bursts of Scott’s past bands. Attica! Attica! leave no musical stone unturned as they run the gamut from punk, folk, country and rock .Still, Dead Skin/Dried Blood is able to maintain a remarkable cohesiveness. There is a playful and eclectic side that endears the listener towards this album. Scott’s only downfall here is not necessarily his lyrics, but rather the overindulgence of one particular subject. Simply put, the politics of this record weigh it down considerably. Even though I am in agreement most of the time, it still gets a little tiresome to continue to wade through it all listen after listen. Dead Skin/Dried Blood is home to a wealthy number of amazing songs, whether they be personal or political. As an album though, Scott comes up a bit short with his A!A! debut. He has proven himself quite capable as a singer/songwriter though and his future efforts should be much-anticipated.

Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock

RIYL: Billy Bragg, Clann Zú, Green Day

Motion Sickness


A Dirge From The Underground


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