Posted by: will | January 9, 2008

Local Spotlight – Magnetic Flowers

magneticflowers1.jpgI flat out suck sometimes when it comes to how slowly I catch on to great local bands. Indie pop outfit Magnetic Flowers are proof of that. I had heard good things about the band but never had the pleasure of seeing them live til this past weekend (my own fault of course). I left with a new album in my hands and quite impressed with about every aspect of the band. I did not even realize that Falling Off A Building mastermind Adam Callum was in the band…somebody slap me! The band was tight and full of energy as they rolled through a fabulous set of songs from their current album, Presents Pasts and Futures, as well as some new numbers. The new material is what stood out to me though. Magnetic Flowers are certainly on to something special here. I am excited about the possibility of watching it all come to fruition with a front row seat.

Magnetic Flowers – Mark Pyritz Goes To Mexico



  1. Thanks for the local love, and we’re glad you enjoyed the show. Also, as I was moseying around your website, I noticed you ranked the Weakerthans’ album #1 for 2007. Me too! You obviously have great taste…

    Al, MF

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