Posted by: will | December 26, 2007

SAL’s Top Albums of 2007 21-30


Travis Morrison Hellfighters “AllY’all” (Barsuk)

– Travis assembles the Hellfighters and All Y’all shows he still has some tricks up his sleeves.


Wheat “Everyday I Said a Prayer for Kathy and Made a One Inch Square” (Empyrean)


– Brilliant return to form for this band that many had left for dead.


Tellison “Contact! Contact!” (Gravity Dip)

One of UK’s best kept secrets…watch out Futureheads!


Jesu “Conqueror” (Hydra Head)


– Slow, emotional and breath-taking.


Sundowner “Four One Five Two” (Red Scare)


– Acoustic side project is an excellent change of pace from this Lawrence Arms member.


Band Of Horses “Cease To Begin” (Sub Pop)

– Not quite as enthralling as the band’s debut but a solid sophomore effort. The band is building into a powerhouse.


Jason Isbell “Sirens Of The Ditch” (New West)


– Who needs the Drive-By Truckers. Jason Isbell certainly does not.


Dinosaur Jr. “Beyond” (Fat Possum)


– A classic album with the band’s original line-up back together. Who says reunions are a bad thing?


Menomena “Friend And Foe” (Barsuk)

Friend And Foe lacked the critical acclaim of the band’s first record but it was just as good.


Les Savy Fav “Let’s Stay Friends” (French Kiss)

– Six years of waiting was quite enough. A joyful return for Les Savy Fav.

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