Posted by: will | December 19, 2007

SAL’s Top Six Shows of 2007

(Yesterday was my best day on SAL by a country mile. Please continue to spread the word. SAL will hopefully be expanding by leaps and bounds in 08! – Will)

Sadly, I did not attend nearly as many shows in 2007…I guess that is what old age can do to you. But I did make it out to a few. A bunch of solids but these were the ones that immediately come to mind.



– Wow, what can I say that I have not already said. This was truly a magical night for me as I finally got to see one of my favorite bands!

show review


Travis Morrison

– You know, I was skeptical of Travis Morrison’s live show. His former band, The Dismemberment Plan, was one of the greatest live bands I have ever seen. Frankly, I did not think Morrison stood a chance of surviving those past comparisons. But, Morrison has put together a band that rivals his past bandmates. A great show at an awesome venue (Union Hall in Brooklyn)!



Tim Barry

– I saw Tim Barry twice in 2007 and both times he was phenomenal. Barry has a way of bringing the crowd into his shows. Between the songs, Barry is just as entertaining with his endearing stories full of southern charm and humor. His shows give you that warm feeling inside.

show review


The Gaslight Anthem

– One of my favorite albums of 2007 and the live show certainly did not disappoint. The Gaslight Anthem’s songs simply beg to be sung back at them in a live setting.

show review


The Great Depression

– Opening for Rocky Votolato in Columbia, two guys from Ohio on acoustic guitars seemingly stole the show. The Great Depression won me and quite a few others over that night.



Jukebox The Ghost

– I love when a band comes along and just flat out entertains me! These guys opened for The Winter Sounds in Columbia and rocked it hard.


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  1. You so need to come to Atlanta, you slacker!

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