Posted by: will | December 18, 2007

SAL’s Top Five Disappointments of 2007

Oh, the negativity…I have loved past albums from the bands below but these albums just did not do it for me.

Against Me! “New Wave” (Sire)

– staff writer James Montgomery said about New Wave, “Punk rock is probably dead already, but if it isn’t, well, this is the album that killed it off forever.” Are you kidding me? That is giving this limp album far too much credit.

Wilco “Sky Blue Sky” (Nonesuch)


– I know the guys in Wilco are full-fledged adults now but did that mean they had to go make a boring, mind-numbing album? Sadly, I can see middle aged men with white socks and sandals “grooving” to this.

Iron & Wine “The Shepherd’s Dog (Sub Pop)


– The warm intimacy that graced Iron & Wine’s early material is missing far too often here. Certainly not a bad effort but The Shepherd’s Dog is less than memorable.

Interpol “Our Love To Admire” (Capitol)

– The major label debut curse catches Interpol in its sticky web.

Minus The Bear “Planet Of Ice” (Suicide Squeeze)

– Sorry, I know a lot of people loved this album. To me though, Planet Of Ice was a bit of a let down. The band seemed to wander off aimlessly far too often.

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  1. Who the hell is this James Montgomery guy? For whatever reason always posts links to his latest columns, but he sounds like a douchebag trying to “get” the indie/punk scene but not really “getting” it at all. Maybe I’m wrong, but he just seems like another Gideon Wago to me.

  2. not sure but i have seen his name a lot.

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