Posted by: will | December 17, 2007

SAL’s Top Sixteen EPs of 2007

This includes EPs, splits, demos and/or 7 inch records. Click on the album cover for a review. If you can not click on the album cover then there just isn’t a review…write your own!


Gray Young “Kindle Field” (Self-Released)

– Just got this in the mail recently and it made a nice enough impression to end this list. Gray Young are from Raleigh, NC and play atmospheric indie rock. Review will be upcoming in January.


Ghastly City Sleep “Ghastly City Sleep” (Robotic Empire)

– Dreamy, ambient soundscapes from a bunch of guys that use to play in hardcore/screamo bands. Well done.


Jacob and I “Shadout Mapes” (Self-Released)


Another surprise standout from South Carolina…mathy instrumental goodness! I will be covering these guys in January.


Death Becomes Even The Maiden “The Arrangement” (Vie Devant Soi)

– Columbia post-punk band nails it on their proper debut EP.


Cats and Cats and Cats/This Town Needs Guns – Split (Big Scary Monsters)


– Four songs each from these two up and coming indie/emo bands. The scene in the UK continues to impress from afar.


Pomegranates “Two Eyes” (Self-Released)

– Quirky indie pop from this Ohio band. Full-length out in 08 from Lujo Records. Jump aboard before Pitchfork gets a hold.


Des Ark/Ben Davis & The Jetts “Battle of The Beards” (Lovitt)


– Although the Ben Davis side is strong, it is all about Aimee Argote and Des Ark on this one. PJ Harvey better watch her back!


Envy “Abyssal” (Sonzai)

– Japanese screamo/post-rock never sounded so beautiful. Abyssal brims with passion and Envy continue to be a breath of fresh air with every release.


Building The State “Faces In The Architecture” (Amnot)

– Atmospheric indie rock from this impressive band. The results are subtle but astounding.


Brother Sister “The Nuclear Love e.p.” (Self-Released)

– Dark, emotional landscapes are burrowed into your head on Brother, Sister’s debut EP. Yet another fine band from my hometown.


Jukebox The Ghost “Jukebox The Ghost” (Family/This Side Up)

Ben Folds and Queen ain’t got nothing on Jukebox The Ghost! Piano pop at its finest. Go see this band live!


Nico Vega “No Child Left Behind” (Myspace)

– Infectious female-fronted rock group that is on the verge of being everywhere.


Little Lebowski Urban Achievers “Is This A Party Or An Intervention? 7-inch” (Evil Owl)

If you miss Jawbreaker raise your hand. Well, LLUA might make you feel a little bit better. So crack open a beer and let the good times roll.


Street Smart Cyclist “Demo 7 -Inch” (Our Neighborhood)

– Three songs and 9 minutes and you will be rolling on the floor with musical seizures. Mathy emo/pop/punk at its finest. Cap n’ Jazz anyone?


Bridge And Tunnel “Bridge And Tunnel 7-inch” (No Idea)

From the ashes of Latterman, Bridge And Tunnel come through with four incredible songs full of heart. And this is only the band’s debut. Full-length out in 08 on No Idea.


The Ackleys “Forget Forget Derive Derive” (House Of Love)

– Pop punk masterpieces from four kids who can’t even order a damn beer yet!

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  1. I completely agree with your top 3…not to mention #8 and #11.

  2. Can I get my money now?

  3. This list makes me realize how much music I’ve missed this year (and I think I listen to a lot of music). Pomegranates, Building the State and Street Smart Cyclist are all possibilities for my best of 2007.

  4. that is a dope list


  5. […] You can see the full lineup here. […]

  6. I will note that the Algernon Cadwallader demo would have easily been #1 but while I did discover it in 07, it actually came out in 06.

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