Posted by: will | December 14, 2007

2007 Cheers/Jeers (Top Ten List) – Mattison

Mattison – Lawya, Columbia, SC



– Not ever having to go to school ever again if I don’t feel like it.
– Lifetime “Lifetime” (Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen)
– The Swellers “My Everest” (Search And Rescue)
– SOME people realizing bands like Arcade Fire, Interpol, Of Montreal, Minus the Bear, etc. aren’t really that good.
– Albert Hammond, Jr. “Yours To Keep” (Scratchie/New Line)
– USC 16, #11 UGA 12
– Rocky Votolato – “The Brag & Cuss” b/w live @ New Brookland Tavern featuring The Great Depression
– USC 38, #8 UK 23
– Street Smart Cyclist “Demo 7-inch” (Our Neighborhood)
– Catching redfish and flounder in the creeks behind Debordieu.
– Not really liking The Weakerthans until this last album “Reunion Tour” (Anti)
– Piebald AND The Blood Brothers quit… finally! (YES! – Will.)
– Having Will keep me up-to-date with halfway decent music. Thanks, Will! ())


– Tim Tebow!
– Quirky girl indie schlop: Feist, CSS, Tegan & Sara, etc.
– Having to sit through another year without a Dillinger 4 album.
– Everyone getting excited about Against Me! and then they lay a semi-egg. Wait, this needs to be in the “Cheers” part.
– Losing 5 in a row. (()
– Latterman broke up.
– Saves The Day is still making albums.
– Tom Delonge is still making music.
– Jimmy Eat World “Chase This Light” … *yawn*
– American culture and its reliance/mimicry on things like cell phones, “The Hills”, Uggs, “reality” shows, and celebrities. I’m sick of it.
– The State of Florida.
– The price of gas.

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  1. You just got “Tebowed” my friend!

  2. Wow. Seriously?
    You sound like the biggest douche bag in the world. Redneck, frat boy rhetoric.
    cheers – Some people realizing that they have absolutely no taste in music. Go listen to some Creed.

  3. Haha! Somebody really likes Arcade Fire, Interpol, Of Montreal and/or Minus the Bear!

  4. up two:
    i don’t get it… what’s the joke?
    and Creed is so lame, Nickelback is where it’s at!

    will: this is turning into the AP board!

  5. sweet…one can only hope!

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