Posted by: will | December 13, 2007



Yea or Nea?

Sunrise (mp3)

2080 (mp3)

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  1. more of the same…i’m gonna say NEA.

  2. You obvoiusly don’t know shit.

  3. this is shit.
    first song has same fake drumbeat as “Dontcha”

  4. …and I obviously can’t type well today.

  5. Nice one. You don’t know shit either. Merry Xmas.

  6. is this the new tv on the radio? remember those guys?

  7. such anger…well, i like it more than animal collective. does that make you feel better?

  8. ^^^is that guy in the band or something?

  9. I can’t believe it takes 4 people to make this crap.

  10. crap is hard.

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