Posted by: will | December 11, 2007

Random Thoughts/Video

– Shakira featuring Danzig “Hips Don’t Lie”…doesn’t get much better than this!
(The wolf’s at the door…so we open the door!)

– Say what you want about South Carolina but it is December and I am wearing shorts and flip flops. Suck it!

– If you can not think of ten albums that you liked this year then maybe you should just stop listening to music…seriously!

– I have heard “Blog Rock” used a few times lately and must say it makes me laugh every time. I think the term can be referenced back to bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah who built their popularity strictly from Pitchfork and the blogging world (not necessarily talent and hard work). And it continues with bands like Black Kids and Vampire Weekend today. I also take offense to it cause I in no way want to be a part of this phenomenon.

– If you are a label why would you release a record in November, December or January? I just don’t get it. Unless you just do not care about any sort of press. If so, I can appreciate that. Virtual don’t-give-a-shit high five right back at ya!

– I am officially sick of music. My top 50 countdown begins Monday. If you want your top ten list up on SAL better send it to ASAP!

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