Posted by: will | December 11, 2007

Music Review – Crime In Stereo


Crime In Stereo “Is Dead” (Bridge Nine)


Crime In Stereo Is Dead. Bands make bold statements like this but rarely back it up. Yet, the once-melodic hardcore band from New York do just that with their third full-length album. The band showed ambitious signs on 2006’s The Troubled Stateside. However, I can not imagine anyone but the band saw this one coming.

The title of the record is certainly appropriate. The old Crime In Stereo Is most assuredly dead. It has been replaced by a band willing to take chances and expand beyond the usually stale melodic hardcore genre. “Third Atlantic” quickly makes the Brand New influence on Is Dead abundantly clear. That influence is impossible to ignore all over Is Dead. Not to mention Mike Sapone who recorded Brand New’s last record, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me, is behind the boards here as well. Crime In Stereo are able to mirror the emotional dynamics of Brand New on Is Dead. However, Crime In Stereo never come off as a copycat. The band balances their newfound dynamics with the aggression we all know from their previous work. “…But You Are Vast” is a perfect example of that powerful mixture. “Small Skeletal” is the band’s masterpiece and truly shows the maturation the band has undertaken in such a short time. The band is able to vary their approach on the album. “Nixon” sounds a bit like Hot Water Music before the blazing guitar feedback comes in. “Orbiter” swims off into interesting alternative rock waters. At every twist and turn, Is Dead reveals more for the listener to discover.

You have to respect that Crime In Stereo choose not to accept the status quo. After the initial shock wears off, Is Dead remains tough to decipher. I am not quite sure how time will perceive this album. Frankly, it all depends on how Crime In Stereo follow it up. Still, the band proves they are unwilling to sit idly by. Is Dead refuse to play it safe and because of that, the band delivers a great deal of promise and excitement for the future.

Genre: Hardcore/Alternative/Rock

RIYL: Brand New, No Use For A Name, Thrice

Small Skeletal (mp3)

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