Posted by: will | December 7, 2007

Top Ten List – Sam

Samantha Barnes – Filter/Kruggie, Los Angeles, CA


#1 Sunset Rubdown “Random Spirit Lover” (Jagjaguwar)
#2 Radiohead “In Rainbows” (
#3 Kings Of Leon “Because Of The Times” (RCA)
#4 Patrick Wolf “The Magic Position” (Loog)
#5 Spoon “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (Merge)
#6 Dappled Cities “Granddance” (Dangerbird)
#7 Great Northern “Trading Twilight For Daylight” (Eenie Meenie)
#8 Of Montreal “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer” (Polyvinyl)
#9 Dr. Dog “We All Belong” (Park The Van Records)
#10 Elvis Perkins “Ash Wednesday” (XL)

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  1. I know you…

  2. Agree with a couple on the list, but congrats for putting Dr. Dog. Very underrated album this year in my opinion. Nothing groundbreaking, but a solid release.

  3. I think Dr. Dog are great, and like you said, while it may not have been groundbreaking; it’s more-than-solid, and they’re a hell of a band. They deserve so much more attention than they’re getting that I had to include them.

  4. they played bonnaroo didn’t they? aren’t they hippies? i was expecting them to be a hip-hop group or something.

  5. I believe I saw Dr. Dog on Conan and I did not like. I think it is kinda of jammy stuff. Or maybe I am mistaken.

  6. They did perform at Bonnaroo this year, but I definitely wouldn’t consider them a jamband of any sorts. They’re more 60’s classic pop in the veins of Beach Boys meets a tinge of psychedelia. They always put on a good live show.

  7. jam band!

  8. If anything, I would say that their sound is very steep in Beatles influence. There’s also a little Bowie, and I agree with Sam – a little Beach Boys. There old stuff may be a little jammy, but We All Belong is nothing of the sort.

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