Posted by: will | December 7, 2007

Music Review – The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers “Invitation Songs” (Matador)


This just goes to show you that “Ex-members of…” means absolutely nothing. Sporting former members of angular rock bands like Pretty Girls Make Graves, Hint Hint and Cobra High, The Cave Singers resemble nothing of their members former musical endeavors. The Cave Singers continue the popular tradition of indie rockers wandering into folk and/or country territories. With The Cave Singers though, it actually sounds quite unique and authentic. The distinctive vocals of Pete Quirk of Hint Hint are instantly familiar but they take on even more character with The Cave Singers. When he is at his most accessible, he actually recalls Ryan Adams but Quirk often resembles the moody stylings of Clinic‘s Ade Blackburn. His quirky, nasally vocals create an odd dichotomy with the band’s brand of stripped down roots rock. There is a darkness that pervades Invitation Songs and I was instantly reminded of the stripped down songs of Black Mountain and the affiliated Lightning Dust. It makes sense as Black Mountain producer Colin Stewart sits behind the board for this effort. Pretty Girls vocalist Andrea Zollo makes an appearance here providing backing vocals as well as some washboard playing. Invitation Songs is a striking listen by a band just getting started.

Genre: Indie/Folk/Country

RIYL: Black Mountain, Woodie Guthrie, Ryan Adams

Seeds Of Night (mp3)

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