Posted by: will | December 6, 2007

Music Review – Interpol

Interpol “Our Love To Admire” (Capitol)


Interpol burst onto the indie rock scene with the dark, atmospheric Turn On The Bright Lights in 2002. The album was an instant classic and Interpol were indie sweethearts in the blink of an eye. The problem with putting out a monumental debut album is that you are bound to that responsibility with every album afterwards. Interpol weathered the sophomore slump with 2004’s Antics, which was a commendably strong effort. It has been 3 years since and Interpol has moved from indie Matador up to the majors. As is the case with many major label debuts, Our Love To Admire sounds uneven. Interpol seem to have fallen prey to trying to appease everybody. Because of that the album lacks cohesion and the band sounds unsure about what direction to head in next. This is not to say that the band does not deliver some strong songs. They do but Our Love To Admire struggles to leave a lasting impression after it exits the stereo. The dynamics that captured listeners on the band’s first two albums seem mostly absent here. Simply put, the band’s sound has become stale and no amount of major label money is able to hide that on Our Love To Admire.

Genre: Post Punk/Indie/Rock

RIYL: Joy Division, Calla, The Afghan Whigs

No I In Threesome (mp3)

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