Posted by: will | December 3, 2007

Music Review – Low Low Low La La Love Love Love

Low Low Low La La Love Love Love “Ends Of June” (Other Electricities)


The UK band Low Low Low La La Love Love Love match Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start for the most bloated band name. The music here is anything but overblown though. Low La Love plays an inviting mixture of indie folk mixed with subtle electronics. Self-recorded and produced in the band’s bedroom studio, Ends Of June echoes that same intimacy in its twelve songs. These are delicate but instrumentally diverse pop songs. Guitars, banjo, harmonica, clarinet, glockenspiel, keyboards and percussion create an intriguing mix of melancholy. The emotions of the heart are in play here on Ends of June. The album is affecting but grows a bit weary at times. Low La Love are incredibly deft at the somber pop-folk tune but Ends Of June could use a bit more diversity. The record suffers a bit from a lack of changing dynamics. On the positive side though, Ends Of June is about as cohesive sounding a record as you will find. Low La Love create a warm elegance that never overwhelms the listener. Ends Of June is a commendable effort indeed.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Folk

RIYL: Iron & Wine, Holopaw, Sufjan Stevens

Mayfly (mp3)

Fear Of A Wide Open Life (mp3)

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