Posted by: will | December 2, 2007

Music Review – Small Arms Dealer

Small Arms Dealer “Patron Saint Of Disappointment” (Deep Elm)


Small Arms Dealer’s 2006 album, A Single Unifying Theory was an underrated pop/punk gem. Being that it was the band’s debut only made it that more impressive. So, does Small Arms Dealer fall into the sophomore slump? Maybe. With the great Latterman biting the dust earlier this year, there is a vacancy within the top ranks of pop/punk bands. Small Arms Dealer are certainly a viable candidate. Yet, while all the aspects that made A Single Unifying Theory such a strong record remain, something just does not measure up here. The grime and grit are in healthy supply but the songs on Patron Saint Of Disappointment are unable to capture that same magic that appeared on the band’s debut. Where are the powerful hooks that made A Single Unifying Theory such an angry, yet catchy record? They are simply in short supply here. Lyrically, the band continues to wage war against the usual suspects. Everything remains in place and Small Arms Dealer have steadied their attack. For some reason though, Patron Saint Of Disappointment seems safe and generally lacking.

Genre: Punk/Pop/Rock

RIYL: Smoke Or Fire, Latterman, Dillinger Four

Listen: Small Arms Dealer – Whole Company’s Counting On You (mp3)

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  1. i thought their debut was boring and mindless and this one was a rager. they still put way too many songs on it and repeated the choruses 1 too many times.

  2. yeah, this release is around 40 minutes…a little too long for this genre. only 1 song more than the debut but it runs a good 8 minutes longer.

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