Posted by: will | November 29, 2007

Music Review – Takka Takka

Takka Takka “We Feel Safer At Night” (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)


Seeing Takka Takka recently in NYC presented a dilemma. As much as I wanted to showcase the band, after seeing them live, it was apparent We Feel Safer At Night is not their best representation. The majority of Takka Takka’s set consisted of new songs that frankly dwarf much of the material on We Feel Safer At Night. The band has added a great deal of weight and dynamics to their sound. However, after many listens, this record still deserves a spotlight for any fan of classic indie rock. The casual style of spoken vocals on We Feel Safer At Night quickly reminds one of Stephen Malkmus or even Lou Reed. With a loose but intricate backing band Takka Takka convey a comfortable, inviting feeling. This sound may have been done before but the band pushes through in a more modern fashion. If you like The Velvet Underground or you can dig indie rock in the vein of Pavement and Yo La Tengo then this release is one that you should definitely track down. Just be aware, the band has already moved on to greener pastures.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Velvet Underground

We Feel Safer At Night (mp3)

Draw A Map (mp3)

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