Posted by: will | November 28, 2007

Most Overrated Bands?

After being in NYC for a few days and with the Pitchfork talk running rampant I was thinking about some of the most overrated current “indie” bands. I simply can not make it through a whole album of material from any of these critically acclaimed bands. What are your most overrated?

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The Fiery Furnaces

Animal Collective


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  1. the go! team. blech.

    sea wolf. there are 3 good songs, but the rest sound like tom petty covers.

  2. Tegan and Sara,
    Arcade Fire,
    The Killers

  3. definitely arcade fire. forgot about them.

  4. Court, don’t make me ban your ass!

    I like some Arcade Fire stuff but their stuff is too overbearing overall.

    The Go Team suck it.

    Sea Wolf are actually pretty damn good. Simple, strong, dark pop songs. And what’s wrong with Tom Petty?

  5. nothing’s wrong with tom petty. i’m a big full moon fever fan, but i don’t like hearing it rehashed. “you’re a wolf” – fine. the rest? eh… which is sad because i love alex church, though irving is pretty boring.

  6. Yes, we agree on that…Irving were always boring as crap.

  7. I’m going to veer slightly and list “classic” records that I just don’t get…

    Sint – “Spiderland”
    Dinosaur Jr. – “You’re Living All Over Me.”
    Swell Maps – “A Trip to Marineville”
    Polvo – “Exploded Drawing”
    Bad Brains – “Rock for Light”
    Mineral – “The Power of Failing”

  8. Definitely not my favorite Dino Jr. record but I really can’t hate on any of their records.

    The Slint and Mineral albums are fantastic…you crazy.

    Polvo and Bad Brains have always been overrated in my book.

  9. Nirvana. Really! They are good but people, they did not change the course of music! Kurt Cobain killing himself was the best thing to ensure Nirvana’s place in history. Do you think they would still be on the Greatest Albums of All Time if Cobain was still living?

    Don’t get me wrong. Nirvana still wrote some great songs but so did Pearl Jam at that point in time. So did Screaming Trees…

  10. Man, I could not disagree with you more Dennis. While I would not classify Nirvana as the greatest band ever or Nevermind as the greateast album ever…it is hard to discount the band’s incredible influence on so many artists/fans. Nirvana was the band that led to the beginnings of my own musical exploration. For that, I will be forever grateful to the band.

  11. i’m with will on this one. rare. nirvana was instrumental (pardon the pun) in shaping the face of music even today. they really melded the line between punk, garage, and pop music that paved the way for bands like 2 live crew and fall out boy.


  12. The Decemberists.

    Wait, Nirvana? Really? Uhhh…

  13. The fiery furnaces rock yer ass

  14. “The fiery furnaces rock yer ass”

    No, they definitely do not.

  15. I think that Slint is a band that musicians really appreciate. Musicians and weirdo music freaks. I definitely don’t hate Slint…I just don’t understand them.

    I liked Mineral back in the day, but now I’m just embarrassed to listen. I’d much rather spin Christie Front Drive, Edaline or the Van Pelt.

    As for Nirvana, I get it, but I’d never actually buy any of their records. And Picaresque from Decemberist was so disappointing.

    How about Tapes n’ Tapes? Fucking boring.

  16. Funny, I like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Animal Collective and Deerhunter a lot, particularly AC. Not a big fan of the Fiery Furnaces but getting as I give them more opportunities.

    In my case I’ve found they just need some time, find you in the right mood or maybe a live show. If it never happens, that’s cool, you still have lots of other stuff to enjoy, but if it does happen then, just from my own experience, I can tell you it will make you forget most of everything else.

    But you are right, they are not immediate. 45 seconds is sort of immediate, right?

  17. Forgot to write my most overrated bands

    Arcade Fire (since Neon Bible)
    The Hold Steady
    The Pipettes

    Those are the ones on the top of my head right now. I don’t hate them. they are good, just not that great (for me).

  18. Oh no…not Battles!!

    I am torn about The Hold Steady. I think Craig Finn is an amazing lyricist and I loved his old band Lifter Puller. But, yeah, something does rub me wrong about them. They are just kinda cheesy.

  19. i think my top overrated band (on album, not live) is yo la tengo. it’s like smoking too much opium while an elephant is shitting on your head.

  20. I hate it when elephants shit on my head.

    Nirvana is AIGHT. But I still don’t see what separates them that much from Pearl Jam and the rest. I guess Kurt ran out of power chords so he just offed himself.

  21. yeah, that comment says a lot from someone who likes fucking audioslave!

  22. Tom Morello is just so bad ass, I can’t help myself.

  23. you are still a douche for liking audioslave.

  24. I made the comment that that cover bands plays decent music, and said “like zeppelin, rage, sex pistols, audioslave” as an example, so now I officially like them?

  25. dude, whatever…you know you work out to audioslave.

  26. I wish. Because I really need to start working out again.

  27. Pink Floyd
    Grateful Dead
    any other hippie/jam band
    Sex Pistols
    Dead Kennedys

  28. i have to disagree with this “vinary” person. i LOVE the decemberists.

  29. I like the Decemberists but “Picaresque” WAS pretty disappointing. Their last album, “The Crane Wife,” was really strong though.

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