Posted by: will | November 27, 2007

Band You Should Have Known – The Jazz June

From the SAL Inbox:

Hello Friends of The Jazz June, we’d like to take a minute of your time to re-announce the Jazz June’s latest and what is said to be their final release. “The Scars To Prove It” is a CD/ DVD combo featuring unreleased, rare, and live recordings. The DVD is a 12 song set recorded at the North Star this past January as a benefit show for their long time and dedicated friend Adam Gerhart who has developed a severe form of brain cancer. This release serves as their tribute to Adam w/ proceeds going to a cancer fund. So we ask in the Holiday Spirit that you the fans support a band that has given it all – to you the fans.. And more importantly you will be helping a friend through music, in their time of need. Thank you all for the support on behalf of The Jazz June and Adam.


The Jazz June were always a bit underrated during their time and remain so even still today. The band’s first two albums fit in perfectly with their peers. Comparisons to bands like Braid, The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring are all appropriate. However, The Jazz June broke from that mold with 2000’s The Medicine which pushed the boundaries of the emo sound the band had previously shown. The band’s last album, 2002’s Better Off Without Air, was a fascinating detour for the band. It truly reinvented their sound allowing it to fall somewhere closer to the art rock of Les Savy Fav. Over the course of four albums, The Jazz June proved they were a band never content to stand still.

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  1. you’re always one step behind.

    boing. love this band.

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