Posted by: will | November 25, 2007

Music Review – The Great Depression


The Great Depression “The Great Depression” (Self-Released)


The Great Depression have been one of the more pleasant surprises of 2007 for me. I saw the duo open up for the great Rocky Votolato recently and was floored. It made perfect sense for duo to be out on tour with Votolato as the vibe between the two artists matches brilliantly. The Great Depression are two guys, Tim Carr and Jeremy Pinnell, from Cincinnati, Ohio that sing and play acoustic guitars. Sounds simple enough, right? What comes out though is pure magic.

With elements of folk and country, The Great Depression bring to mind the simple, rustic beauty of bands like Drag The River and Uncle Tupelo. Carr and Pinnell’s vocals harmonize and play off of each other with a true sense of purpose. The duo’s songs elicit such a deep emotional response even upon first listens. The usual lyrical suspects float through The Great Depression’s songs. Death, drinking, religion and lost love torment these two. The album feels as though it is an exorcism of sorts. Carr and Pinnell are baring and revealing their souls and you can feel their pain in every note. At the same time you can feel a slight hope seeping through the drawn shades.

Why is it that some of us are compelled to wallow in our own misery? Is it cathartic or do we just like to prolong our sadness because it actually makes us feel alive? I am not quite sure what it is but The Great Depression might have the most appropriate band name in history. There is hope for better though and that is what continues to drive us all. You can call it sad bastard music, I will call it good porch drinking music. Either way, The Great Depression are fucked up, emotional and real. That is one hell of a combo.

Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock

RIYL: Drag The River, Uncle Tupelo, Rocky Votolato

You Could Be Queen (mp3)

Watching Vermont (mp3)

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