Posted by: will | November 20, 2007

November 20th Releases

My one top recommendation for the week is the Statehood debut.

  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Ask Forgiveness” (Drag City) – Cover EP from indie troubadour with one original song. The covers run the gamut from Björk to Danzig to R. Kelly.
  • British Sea Power “Krankenhaus?” (RTW) – New EP from British band.
  • Haram “Drescher” (Lovitt) – Second album from DC punk/post-hardcore behemoths.
  • Joe Lally “Nothing Is Underrated” (Dischord) – Second solo album from Fugazi bassist.
  • Six Organs Of Admittance “Shelter From The Ash” (Drag City)- Ben Chasny returns with the 9th (?) SOOA album.
  • Sleep Station “The Pride of Chester James” (Eyeball) – This band has always been underrated.
  • Statehood “Lies & Rhetoric” (Self-Released) – Ex-members of The Dismemberment Plan, The Vehicle Birth and Motorcycle Wars release their debut. I featured the band here earlier in the year. Review upcoming.

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