Posted by: will | November 20, 2007

Music Review – Jackie Carol

Jackie Carol “Check, Check” (Speak Music Media)


Jackie Carol are made up of Coalesce/The Casket Lottery member Nathan Ellis, John Cruz (Lucky Graves, ex-Koufax, ex-Proudentall), Greg Franklin (Ewok Grinder, ex-Believe It Or Nots), and Chris Wagner (Secret Club, ex-Glitter Kicks, ex-Revolvers). With Ellis’ vocals leading the way, Jackie Carol can not help but bare strong similarities to The Casket Lottery. In fact, the band’s more rock-oriented material could easily pass for long lost Casket Lottery songs. However, Jackie Carol tone it down for much of the material on Check, Check. At times they resemble the down-home nature that The Get Up Kids retreated to with their album, On A Wire. One influence that repeats itself from The Casket Lottery is the fondness for fellow Lawrence, Kansas natives Kill Creek. The Casket Lottery showed their appreciation for the band by covering a Kill Creek tune on their Blessed/Cursed EP. With Jackie Carol, Ellis lets that influence shine completely through on Check, Check. Much like Kill Creek could span from punk to folk to country to power pop in a given album, Jackie Carol never constrict themselves either. Instead, the band just does what comes naturally at the time. Because of that, Check, Check has a comfortable and inviting feel to it that begs for repeat listens.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Folk

RIYL: The Casket Lottery, Kill Creek, The Get Up Kids

No Fiction (mp3)

Don’t Call (mp3)

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