Posted by: will | November 14, 2007

Music Review – Sleeper Car

Sleeper Car “Love & Anxiety” (Self-Released)


Sleeper Car are an impressive alt-country band from Chicago. Love & Anxiety is the band’s brand new EP. The band obviously knows their roots as they keep their country, folk and bluegrass influence close to their heart throughout Love & Anxiety. The talented vocals of Michael Musikantow instantly bring to mind Ryan Adams and he shines above the intricate, rich textures of the band. Double bass, pedal steel, harmonica and violins give Sleeper Car a solid and rustic backbone. There is a warm and inviting nature all across Love & Anxiety. Sleeper Car never fall into that wallowing, dark trap that can hinder much of the alt-country landscape. Instead, there is a hopeful, uplifting spirit to the band’s songs. There is a subtle beauty to Sleeper Car’s songs that slowly reveals itself. This is not flashy stuff in the least bit and itt might take more than a few listens for it to dawn on you. When it does though, you realize Sleeper Car are just writing damn good songs. Beyond that, nothing else should really matter.

Genre: Indie/Americana/Country

RIYL: Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Wilco

I Won’t Break Down (mp3)

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