Posted by: will | November 13, 2007

Music Review – American Steel


American Steel “Destroy Their Future” (Fat Wreck Chords)


It certainly was a pleasant surprise to hear that American Steel had risen from the ashes here in 2007. The band broke up after their third album, 2001’s Jagged Thoughts. The members went on to form the new wave rock band Communique. While Communique certainly has their moments (the band is still together), the members have never been able to recreate the magic of American Steel. After six years, American Steel has reformed and Destroy Their Future is a welcome addition to the band’s catalog.

Eschewing much of the reggae/ska feel of Jagged Thoughts, Destroy Their Future has that honest punk rock spirit that guided the band’s best effort, 1999’s Rouge’s March. Frankly, it sounds as if the band never left us. American Steel are at their best when they are pounding out melodic punk rock anthems and Destroy Their Future has plenty of that. You can see the influence of Communique as there are elements of new wave thrown about. Also, there is a darkness here that adds a nice element to the band’s sound. Certain songs even recall the gloomy imagery of a band like Alkaline Trio. Not only does the band rekindle the magic of their earlier days, they add a great deal of weight and depth to their sound.

American Steel have come back stronger than ever with Destroy Their Future. The passion between these guys obviously still remains strong as evidenced by the songs here. Hopefully, American Steel will continue on and not flicker away as they did before. There is still a whole lot of life left in this band.

Genre: Punk/Rock

RIYL: The Clash, Communique, Alkaline Trio

Sons Of Avarice (mp3)

Dead And Gone (mp3)

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