Posted by: will | November 12, 2007

Band You Should Know – Takka Takka


I am under the weather tonight but Takka Takka‘s We Feel Safer At Night is helping me through it all. I discovered the band by chance recently. My friend got tix for us to go to a Travis Morrison show on my upcoming NYC visit. And it just so happened that Takka Takka is opening. I requested a copy of We Feel Safer At Night from the band’s label (Ernest Jenning Record Co.) and they were kind enough to send me one in record time. After quite a few listens, I am stoked to see the band live this Friday at Union Hall in Brooklyn. The band brings to mind a wealth of influences on We Feel Safer At Night. I would have to say Pavement and The Velvet Underground are the most notable although there are also flashes of The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo and Grandaddy. Great stuff!

Draw A Map (mp3)

We Feel Safer At Night (mp3)

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