Posted by: will | November 9, 2007

Music Review – Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf “Leaves In The River” (Dangerbird)


Leaves In The River quickly follows up Sea Wolf’s debut EP, Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low. Sea Wolf is none other than multi-instrumentalist Alex Brown Church who is a former member of the indie-pop band Irving. With nine new songs (“You’re A Wolf” carries over from the debut EP), Church continues his somber, yet rewarding approach. Church’s cryptic and descriptive lyrics bring to mind Elliott Smith. Much like Smith, the storytelling ability of Church draws the listener in. He is able to paint beautifully vivid sketches with his songs. There is a coldness on much of Leaves In The River that fits perfectly with the winter season. Much like The Decemberists are able to transport you to another era, Sea Wolf are able to recreate the feeling of a simpler time as well. A bit more instrumental heft is added and it makes for a fuller, more rewarding sound on Leaves In The River. While perhaps not as instantly enticing as Sea Wolf’s debut EP, Leaves In The River is more eclectic and a step in the right direction for sure. Church is proving himself a worthy indie singer/songwriter that deserves mention alongside some of the best.

RIYL: Elliott Smith, The Decemberists, The Shins

You’re A Wolf (mp3)

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