Posted by: will | November 8, 2007

Music Review – The Color Wheels


The Color Wheels “The Color Wheels” (Viper Bite)


Husband-and-wife duo, Jon and Psalm Sebastian started The Color Wheels way back in 2003. It certainly shows that the two have been playing together for quite some time. On the duo’s self-titled debut album, they have masterfully crafted eleven songs of addictive indie pop/rock. Immediately, The Color Wheels remind me of The Promise Ring when the band turned straight up power pop on Very Emergency. That is definitely a good thing. While these songs might at first seem innocent or even juvenile on the outside there is a magical pop song craft being shown off. The album seems to have a more meaningful underbelly that emerges upon repeat listens. Many themes from adolescence appear in these songs but there is a strong theme of moving on and maturing here as well. That is the beauty of The Color Wheels. They can be taken at face value and certainly enjoyed. However, there is more than just pop chops being shown off on this terrific debut. Along with It’s A King Thing, The Color Wheels have produced a brilliant slab of indie power pop. Both releases are the respective bands’ full-length debuts. The future is bright indeed.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: Weezer, The Promise Ring, The Rentals

Green Means Go (mp3)

Hot For Teacher (mp3)

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