Posted by: will | November 7, 2007


Some of you may have noticed the new designs around here. It was done by a fellow by the name of Joshua Mikel. Joshua’s design company is called Sharkguts. He was kind enough to sketch some rad stuff for me over the last month or so. The header up above was done by him…YOLO!!! Also, two other designs he did for me are below. I love how his stuff can go from mild to completely wild. Definitely check him out if you are looking for some artwork. Oh, and check out his band, Look Mexico, as well. They are definitely an SAL favorite. Click on the pics below to see the full artwork.

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  1. hurray. did he also design that drooling bear for beartrap? i’ll give him money to design me a logo. how much sharkguts?

  2. yeah, he did beartrap. he’s very reasonably priced. hit him up.

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