Posted by: will | November 7, 2007

Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani

patrobertson.jpg In the latest political WTF news, Pat Robertson has thrown his weight behind Rudy Giuliani. So, the founder of the Christian Coalition is supporting a socially liberal Catholic candidate. Yeah, that makes sense. Frankly, this stinks of under-the-table action. On the bright side, one more reason not to vote for Rudy.

Afterwards, Pat Robertson reiterated his thoughts on homosexuality, “…the acceptance of homosexuality is the last step in the decline of Gentile civilization.” Giuliani fired back, “9/11, 9/11.”

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  1. When did this become the Daily Report with Will Stewart Colbert?

  2. you didn’t credit your good buddy cockengr with the inspiration for this blog article.

    Tomorrow it’ll be street preachers handing out condoms.

  3. that guy’ f’ing METAL!

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