Posted by: will | November 7, 2007

Music Review – Young Livers

Young Livers “The New Drop Era” (No Idea)


Young Livers are the new pride of Gainesville, FL and are made up of members of Glass & Ashes and Fiya. This is the first all-new Gainesville band that the great No Idea Records has signed in quite some time. It makes sense why as The New Drop Era is certainly impressive for a debut. With the Young Livers, No Idea returns to their middle aged roots. Young Livers bring to mind two of the label’s greatest finds in Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike. However, Young Livers eschew much of the dynamics of those bands and instead go straight for the throat. Much like the criminally underrated Lock And Key, Young Livers never let up from the pedal. 8 songs, 21 minutes and you feel like you have been kicked by a steel toe boot afterwards…in a good way of course. If you like your post-hardcore a little dirty, Young Livers are a definite must hear.

Genre: Punk/Rock/Post-Hardcore

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Lock And Key

The Small Hours (mp3)

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  1. good stuff.
    is FIYA still playing? i liked their 2 albums.

  2. don’t think fiya is still together.

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