Posted by: will | November 6, 2007

November 6th Releases

Envy and Mouse Fire head the list of new releases this week.

  • The Brother Kite “Moonlight Race” (Claire) – New odds-n-ends EP from great shoegazing pop band.
  • By the End of Tonight/Tera Melos “Complex Full Of Phantoms” (Temporary Residence) – Split from two like-minded frantic and spastic bands.
  • Envy “Abyssal” (Sonzai) – New EP from Japanese Post-Rock/Hardcore band. Amazing.
  • Grizzly Bear “Friend” (Warp) – EP of new, reworked, and re-recorded material (including covers and collaborations). An interesting/eclectic collection from this critically acclaimed (not on SAL) group.
  • Minipop “A New Hope” (Take Root) – Surprisingly good female fronted indie/pop band that reminds me of The Cardigans at times.
  • Mouse Fire “Wooden Teeth” (Lujo) – Cool new band on the great Lujo Records. Very Minus The Bear-esque.
  • Sigur RosHvarf/Heim” (XL) – Unreleased/acoustic 2-disc set from Icelandic group.
  • Jim Ward “Quiet” (Civil Defense League) – Solo debut from Sparta frontman and former At The Drive-In guitarist.
  • Zookeeper “Becoming All Things” (Belle City Pop) – New project from Chris Simpson of Mineral/The Gloria Record. I loved the first EP. I am relatively disappointed in this album so far…but I think it will grow on me.

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