Posted by: will | November 5, 2007

This I Know


Main Street, Downtown Lake City, SC

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  1. his teeth are white as snow. what a gas it was to see him walk her every day, into a shady place. knock it off.

  2. no, really. knock it off.

  3. McFadden just ran through my office.

  4. that was my granddad’s office building on the corner there. used to eat all the starlight mints and rock the AM radio circa 1985 in there.

  5. The McFadden comment is pure genius.

  6. ah, Pizza Roma in the background…so good.

    has nobody noticed the sign says “jesus love you”…c’mon!

  7. and, no the McFadden joke is not genius. if so, the ten other people who have made similar jokes today would be geniuses and believe me, they are not.

  8. who asked you?

  9. yo mama

  10. look here, son. don’t dispute the genius.

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