Posted by: will | November 2, 2007

Music Review – Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust “Lightning Dust” (Jagjaguwar)


Black Mountain was one of those incredibly hyped bands that I actually found myself liking. Their brand of psychedelic hippy rock was not my bag at all but I still found myself listening to the band’s debut a great deal. It’s no wonder because the band consists of such extraordinary talent and Lightning Dust is only more proof of that. Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of Black Mountain make up Lightning Dust. There is a eerie mysteriousness to Webber’s vocals that guides these songs like torches through the night. Where Webber’s vocals are usually buried under the huge chords of Black Mountain, Lightning Dust gives her ample room to breathe. It is shocking to hear how strong a front woman she really is. It’s almost a shame that she is left to linger in the background on much of Black Mountain’s material. The vast majority of this album is slow and brooding. While that does create some beautiful moments, there is not a whole lot that distinguishes the songs. That is where this solo debut falls slightly short. A bit more diversity could do wonders for this talented duo. That being said, with Lightning Dust Webber and Wells prove there is certainly more to life outside of Black Mountain if they are ever so inclined.

Genre: Indie/Folk

RIYL: Cat Power, Black Mountain, Jana Hunter

Listened On (mp3)

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