Posted by: will | November 2, 2007

College Football Saturday (Week 10)

I am posting a day early cause I am heading out of town this weekend. Week 10 already? That blows my mind. Oh, the pain from week 9. My Gamecocks have dropped the last two since I started doing these posts. SAL curse? God, I hope not. I was 7-5 last week on my picks and 1 for 2 on my upset specials.

Check out my picks for week 10 below.

South Carolina (6-3) at Arkansas (5-3) – My Gamecocks find a way to win a close one or at least I hope they do.

Game of the Week: No. 4 Arizona State (8-0) at No. 5 Oregon (7-1) – ASU surprised me last week by beating Cal. Don’t think they get past the Quack Attack though. Oregon wins comfortably.

Upset Specials:

No. 15 Texas (7-2) at Oklahoma State (5-3) I’m a man! OSU has looked like a different team since Coach Gundy’s tirade. It continues with a nice upset of a struggling Texas team.

Top 25 Games:

No. 21 Wisconsin (7-2) at No. 1 Ohio State (9-0) – Ohio State will win this one easily. Wisconsin has been exposed for the fraud they are.

Florida State (5-3) at No. 2 Boston College (8-0) – This one might be close but FSU has terrible QB play and BC has one of the best quarterbacks in the nation. That should be enough.

No. 3 LSU (7-1) at No. 17 Alabama (6-2) – Battle of two coaches I hate. I really have no clue on this one. LSU is accustomed to these big games every week. Bama not so much. Because of that I am picking the Tigers.

Texas A&M (6-3) at No. 6 Oklahoma (7-1) – Oklahoma puts the smack down.

Nebraska (4-5) at No. 8 Kansas (8-0) – Jayhawks survived my upset special at Texas A&M. They will stay unbeaten and kick the Cornhuskers when they are down.

No. 9 Missouri (7-1) at Colorado (5-4) – I was tempted to pick this as an upset special but I’m going to believe that Missouri can pull it out. I think this one will be close though.

No. 10 Georgia (6-2) vs Troy (6-2) – Troy is good. UGA will be hungover from the UF win. Troy will hang around for a bit before UGA puts them away.

No. 12 Michigan (7-2) at Michigan State (5-4) – Watch out for this rivalry game…it will be close. I think Michigan pulls out a tight one.

Rutgers (5-3) at No. 13 Connecticut (7-1) – UCONN keeps winning to my dismay. I’m still not picking them though.

Cincinnati (6-2) at No. 18 South Florida (6-2) – USF is certainly happy to get back to Tampa after two straight road losses. They will get back to winning.

Oregon State (5-3) at No. 19 Southern Cal (6-2) – Booty is back at QB and I think that will be enough to beat the Beavers. Although I would not be surprised if Oregon State pulled off the upset here.

Vanderbilt (5-3) at No. 20 Florida (5-3) – UF is by far the best 3 loss team in the country. They will take out their frustration on Vandy.

No. 24 Wake Forest (6-2) at No. 23 Virginia (7-2) – Was never impressed by UVA and they fell in my upset special last week to NC State. Wake will expose them even more.

No. 25 Clemson (6-2) at Duke (1-7) – Clemson usually struggles at Duke but not this year. If Bowden loses this one he is done.

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  1. YOUR gamecocks will go down. They won’t win at Arkansas.

  2. Also, what do you mean Bama isn’t used to these games. Every week in the SEC is a big game. You’re talking about the most tradition rich football school in the south if not the whole country. You think every school that plays Bama doesn’t consider it a big game then you’re drinking to much of the garnet and black kool aid.

  3. I meant this year…LSU has had more meaningful “big” games so far. And it showed as LSU found a way to win a close one. My point was proven.

    Not sure how I am drinking garnet and black kool aid just by picking LSU and stating why I thought so.

    When Carolina plays Bama, it’s just another SEC game to me. Big? I guess, but no different than any other. You Bama fans sure are high strung and quite full of yourself.

  4. What Bama fans don’t understand is that NO ONE gives a shit about Bama except Bama fans.

    Big games for South Carolina:

    1. Clemson
    2. Georgia
    3T. Florida
    3T. Tennessee
    4. Arkansas
    5. Kentucky
    6. Vanderbilt
    7. All others, including BAMA.

  5. What gamecock fans don’t understand is that no one gives a shit about South cackalacky period. If not for S.S. being there there wouldn’t be any interest at all. Just like it always has been jerk-off.

  6. “You Bama fans sure are high strung and quite full of yourself.”

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