Posted by: will | November 1, 2007

Show Review – Murder By Death


Saw the great Murder By Death on Tuesday night. I have probably seen the band four or five times now but this was close to tops on the list. The band sounded as great as ever but the fact that they were debuting new stuff seemed to put a little extra something in their playing. I was worried that the band would overkill on new material but they started the set off strong with three or four songs that the crowd intimately knew. All in all the band mixed in three or four new songs and let me be the first to say, the new stuff was impressive. The new songs instantly showed off a more melodic and streamlined approach for the band. The usual dark lyrical suspects of the band (The Devil and drinking for the most part) seemed to remain prevalent though. Oh, and the one new song that lead singer Adam Turla described as being about “revenge and other kick ass shit” was my favorite overall. The band commented that the new album was about to be mixed and should be released in early 2008. They promised a big announcement soon as well. That announcement came out rather quickly on Wednesday. Surprisingly, the band’s brand spanking new album, Red of Tooth and Claw, will be out in February of 2008 on Vagrant. Congrats to the band.

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