Posted by: will | November 1, 2007

Music Review – The Swellers


The Swellers “My Everest” (Search And Rescue)


I saw these guys recently and it took me back to a more innocent time…a time when I was obsessed with melodic hardcore and all things Fat Wreck Chords. However, there is something different about The Swellers. The band is not just rehashing a tired genre, they are putting it on its back and carrying it out of the dark ages. Are The Swellers good enough to save an entire genre? Maybe not, but the analogy sure sounds appropriate. After label issues (the band originally signed to Nitro Records but never released anything), The Swellers regrouped to release their new album, My Everest, earlier this year. The album really does approach milestone territory for the melodic hardcore genre. So much so that I want to call Fat Wreck Chords and ask why the hell have they not signed this damn band yet!? Nitro really dropped the ball on these guys. The only downfall of My Everest are the two acoustic songs that tend to tread into bland emo land. Leave that shit for the birds and keep the rock flowing. The Swellers sound so refreshing here in 2007. Hell, who needs the last ten years? In my head, it’s 1996 all over again when My Everest is playing.

Genre: Pop/Punk/Melodic Hardcore

RIYL: No Use For A Name, Strung Out, Lagwagon

The Swellers – Clean Slate (mp3)

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  1. i heard these guys were good. recommended?

  2. slurp slurp

  3. […] in melodic hardcore. You don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel to make a great record (example – The Swellers). But sadly, One Win Choice seem unable to make any real impression on Never Suspend Disbelief. It […]

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