Posted by: will | October 31, 2007

Music Review – Meneguar


Meneguar “Strangers In Our House” (Troubleman Unlimited)


Brooklyn’s underrated sons are back with their long-awaited full-length debut, Strangers In Our House. Meneguar splashed onto the scene in 2005 with their addictive mini-LP I Was Born At Night. Angular indie rock/post-punk that you can readily sing along to is a rare commodity but Meneguar simply perfect it. The band pounds out instrumentally adventurous music with dual vocals that beg to be screamed back at the band. There is a juvenile energy in the band’s songs but that certainly does not speak to the skill and song-craft the band so obviously possesses. Comparisons to peers like Chin Up Chin Up and Oxford Collapse are appropriate as well as classic bands like Mission Of Burma and The Replacements. It is the reckless abandon of Meneguar’s songs that speak to The Replacements influence the most. The feeling that these songs could easily run off track at any minute only adds to the charm of Meneguar. The members of Meneguar balance a load of other bands/projects but the incredible strengths of Strangers In Our House beg for them not to put Meneguar on the backburner any longer. This band deserves the spotlight.

Genre: Indie/Punk/Rock

RIYL: Mission Of Burma, Chin Up Chin Up, Oxford Collapse

Freshman Thoughts (mp3)

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